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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Corby Glen Young Journalists

Our Young Journalists meet every Monday after school to create blog articles; films and material for the school newspaper. Please take a look at our page.


Brambling Class are also involved in a Young Journalist project and have started writing articles for the YJA (Young Journalist Academy). Visit the website for lots of news and events from our school and other Lincolnshire schools

Young Journalist Lunchtime Club

Join our group of young journalists to create interesting  articles to go on our blog for your friends to read and enjoy!

Arrive at the computer suite to meet the rest of the team , as you sit down at the computer you will feel like an actual journalist writing for the Daily Mail. Scribe wonderful pieces of anything you and the team want to write about, and include facts that no one ever knew before. Find out about different things on Tuesdays  at lunch time , you even have the choice if you want to come every week or just some times to show off your journalist skills. Whether you are not the best or a professional you still are welcome on the team, and have the same role as everyone else:  a young journalist.


If you are interested, then join us any Tuesday at lunch time.

By Mariella Morris.







Rainbows is a club outside of school. It's a club for 6 year olds and mostly for girls. It is at the village hall. It is from 5-6pm. It is run by Joe. At the beginning of the club, you get to play with skipping ropes and balls. Sometimes they do art. Florence (6) said she liked doing art and craft at Rainbows. Gracie Smith said she liked doing "anything". Francesca enjoys the art and craft too.


by Francesca Barlow (6)



Bugsy Malone

At the end of this summer term we will be performing a play to you about a film called Bugsy Malone. This film is all about children who  act out parts as adults. Bugsy Malone the film came out in 1976. The Y6s can't wait to perform it to you!

By Charlotte Midlen 



As you probably know, it is that time of year when Year 6s are most important; that time of year is the SATS (Standard Assessment Tests). SATS are a range of important tests, which generally help to find how well you have done in the past 4 years. The tests are:

SPAG- Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar,



Maths Reasoning 2 and 3 and

… a reading paper! But, of course, our Year 6s are greatly treated with a delicious breakfast every morning of a test! Yum! So taking the SATS doesn’t seem as bad as everyone thinks it’s going to be! Here are some 100% honest quotes from two Year Sixes:

Charlotte Midlen stated: “I think I’m ready for the SATS because we’ve been going through some of the test paper questions that will be in the SATS.”

“I think I have prepared myself enough because we’ve had loads of booster sessions, and we have gone through everything we need to know,” Mariella Morris reported.

So, remember when YOU take the SATS just do your best, because it will be worth it.

By Amber Allison!

Remember to sign up for Young Journalists if you like to report on anything in or outside of school!

Be Giving

This week in assembly, we have begun to talk about being ‘giving’. This may be giving a gift, a hug or even some space! Read on to find out what we talked about…

What can we give?

We can give a whole range of items or simple reactions to be giving. Like:

A gift,

A hug,

A party,

A house,

Time and

Even some space. That’s right, even giving the simplest thing (such as giving a smile) can make somebody’s day. The fact space can be reasonable, is because somebody might want a little bit of peace without you interrupting them. So, give them space.

How does giving affect us?

Giving can affect us by making us happy; due to the fact, that you are giving somebody/something an object or action to make them happy. Because of this, you get happy!

So, remember to be giving and, most importantly, be giving as much as possible!

By Amber Allison!

Noah’s ark, but digital…

Scientists from America are building a digital Noah’s Ark for animals and plant life in a hope to save them from extinction.

Scientists from the Earth Bio Genome Project are mapping out animal genes which control inherited characteristics and are storing them in a Digital Noah’s Ark. The project will cost $4.7 billion, and if they are able to raise funds it will take around 10 years to create the Ark. Researchers will be collecting animal and plant DNA from tissue samples.

During an announcement about the Digital Noah’s Ark in London, project chair, Harry Lewin said, “If and when species go extinct we are not going to lose a hundred million years of evolutionary history.” Out of many animals at risk of extinction, orangutans, sharks and elephants will all have their genes mapped.

In the past four years, The Earth Bio genome project has already saved an estimated 3500 species of animals and plants out of 1.5 million. Despite this impressive achievement, scientists still have more work ahead of them.

Listen here to Eloise as she explains why projects like Noah’s Ark are so important:



Comic Relief


Corby Glen Primary School recently had a Comic Relief day and did a sponsored run and had a target of 250 miles  … but actually they ran  a whopping 258 miles. Everyone was tired afterwards and this is what Amos thought about the run “I felt tired,” ... and loads others felt the same way.


Everyone was able to come in non – uniform as long as they wore some red on them. Mr Johnston stated after the run :

“I was tired after all the laps I did,” We at Young Journalists are not quite sure we believe Mr Johnston!


Pancake Day

Pancake day is on its way! Luxurious pancakes made just for you. You could have sweet honey drizzled on top, jam, maple syrup, sugar, lemon and lime juice and maybe even some pepper.


On Tuesday 5th March 2019 it is Pancake Day. Everyone enjoys pancake day. Don’t they? Some people have very odd toppings a bit like Ruby Phillips although she might not think that.  It  is fine to have a weird topping , that makes you unique. Here are some toppings that some of our students put on their pancakes:


Gracie Brown said that she hopes to have five pancakes and her favourite topping is chocolate spread.

Rubie Phillips said that she has about two to three pancakes and she loves some of her secret topping  with some pepper and fruit.

Toby Smith said that he likes fudge, strawberry,  and chocolate sauce with some lemons and I have  about three to four pancakes.


World Book Day

On Thursday 6th March it will be world book day! Here at CP Primary School we will have the children dressing up as a character from a book or, if you want to, you can dress up as the front cover of your favourite book. Also, if you could possibly bring in your favourite book, that would be great( if you have a favourite). Here are some interviews of what people think world book day:


Amber, “World book day is a very good day to celebrate reading and its importance. I love.. love… LOVE reading!”

Ellis, “I like world book day because we get to dress up as characters from our favourite books, although I don’t really like reading.”

Poppie, “ I also think that it is fun because we get to dress up as characters, but I actually really enjoy reading.”


By India Lee



If you carry on reading ten minutes a day, you just might be as smart as SpongeBob!





Reading is a special human quality which calms the brain and improves imagination.


Why do we read?

On the basics, reading is very important. Reading can help you feel relaxed and can also release the edge-of-seat feeling. It depends on the type of book, although, if you are really stuck into a book, you will feel more action or relaxation then you would when reading for a short time. Also, reading is a great way to improve vocabulary; most books are full of immense detail.


When is reading especially important?

Although reading is always important, there are various days all about reading and sharing your stories! One of these are World Book Day, which, this year, is on the 7th March (2019). World Book Day can be celebrated many different ways: from bringing your favourite book to school to dressing up as your favourite character. This year, we are bringing our favourite book in, as well as, wearing our book cover. It’s going to be a good one!


What do we enjoy reading?

Elizabeth: “The Chronical of Narnia.”

Rubie: “Judy Blume books.”

Toby: “I enjoy reading 2,024 IQ Facts to Stop You in Your Tracks.”

India: “Harry Potter.” Remember to read as much as possible but also enjoy it!


By Amber Allison!

How do we clean up the oceans?

A team in California and America are making a barrier that attracts plastic. This means that in 5 years the plastic country in the Pacific Ocean will disappear and all the fish won’t die so easily. We have millions of tonnes of rubbish that end up in the oceans every year, and most of it comes from the land. For example, litter gets swept into drains and ends up in rivers - so that plastic straw or cup lid you dropped could all end up in the sea. And because most plastic isn't biodegradable - meaning it can't easily be broken down - it may be stuck there for many years. We have already tried to save our oceans but we have never had such good equipment .


By Amos


On Tuesday 5th January, we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day, which is a day when we think about using the internet safely, respectfully and creatively.


Safer Internet Day is going to many schools to encourage children to think responsibly when online. This includes thinking about giving personal information and pictures to the internet. It is also about thinking about consent: permission. This means that you need to ASK before you allow something. This may be notifications, locations and personal data to improve the game.

Have you ever thought about asking before you got a game that is for an older age? For example, TikTok is an online game for 12+. It is up to your parents whether they would like you to play that game. If you don’t ask and your parents wouldn’t like you to accept, you may be in danger. The internet is used by many people and not everybody is your friend. Also, have you ever just ticked a box in a hurry to play? This is not helpful because if you just agreed to something you do not want or something that you don’t have consent for, you may be in trouble when you try to play the game.


India stated that she thinks Safer Internet Day is a good idea because it reminds children to always be careful when on a device.


“ Safer Internet Day encourages everyone to be mindful when using YouTube, TikTok or ROBLOX. It can change the way somebody thinks about it.” Amber commented.


Safer Internet Day will be really inspiring to school children everywhere tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2019!!!!!

By Amber Allison


Stay safe – internet week

This week is internet week and in school we have been talking about being safe. In assembly this morning, Monday 4th February, we talked through some right and wrong decisions. We also talked about permission and when you would need it, considering other people’s feelings. Here are a few words from some children about what they think.

Amber: “ I think that it is a great idea because before you just agree to anything on the device it ends up in something that you don’t really want.”

Meredith: “I think we should really concentrate on the reason that we are having internet week so that we can stay safe!”

These girls are right, it is important to be careful so we can all be safe!

By India Lee

Are phones being banned from schools?

Many children and teenagers are taking phones to school but they have to keep them in a locker or somewhere safe. This stops too much time on social media (Snapchat ,Facebook, Instagram) and unfocused students.. There is a new law in France where children can’t use their phone at school and if they do teachers can take it away until the end of the day.


This is what some of the people in our school think about this…

Mrs Giblin thinks “it is a good idea because it helps people concentrate.”

Emily thinks “it is a bad idea because you can’t contact your family”

Mrs Jackson said “ it is a good idea.”.

What do you think?


By Tiana Brown

Be Active Day (BAD)


On Friday 18th January, we had our BAD (Be Active Day). A BAD is where we all come together to be active for a whole day. Our school had some help: Paul Phillips (Ruby and Lacey’s dad) came in to tell us all about his big adventure this April. He is going to participate in the London Marathon! He is also raising money for Havens Hospices, one of his clients! We all wish him luck. Paul took us for a run around our field: we did over a mile! To find out more information, check out our interview with him!

In the afternoon, we all went through a series of activities: Oliver Lockton and Mariella Morris did a rocket throwing activity, Mrs Whadcock did basketball, Mr Knight did quick cricket, Oliver Hand and Max Andrew did rounders and Isobel Haylock and Isla Earth did an obstacle course. Oliver H, Max, Isobel and Isla are our Bronze Ambassadors and represent sport in sporting events. We also now have our Be Active ambassadors: Mariella and Oliver L. They show our school how to be active and do activities every day.


Quotes and thoughts about the day

Ruby Phillips: “My Daddy was amazing. All of the sports activities were sporty.”

Poppie Bridges: “I loved it because you get to dress up in something sporty.”

Meredith Marsh: “I thought that Paul’s slideshow was very informative and gave me a lot more information about the Marathon.”

Elizabeth Boyle: “I found it exciting because we got to go outside and have fun!”

India Lee: “I thought it was very fun although it was very cold!”


As you know, we were to dress up in sporty clothes for a donation toward Paul and Havens Hospices. Most people gave £1:00 and we managed to raise £90 for Paul's chosen charity

We all enjoyed our Be Active Day (BAD), even though it was cold. However,  we didn’t let the cold stop us and we continued to enjoy ourselves. Good luck Paul!


By Amber Allison.

Be Active Day


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Check out our Young Journalists' first news article



The Young Journalist Academy had a person called Toni come in to Brambling class to represent the YJA and show them how to be a young journalist. Toni showed them what they had in their tool kit as a journalist.

Some of Brambling Class have written and published their articles and now they are on the YJA website. Toni said that Brambling Class would be going to be doing radio next.

She came in to our school to try and get at least a newsdesk up and running to be an actual journalist but I think she left with most of a class who had planned and started writing an article.

An article by Megan and Will got published and it’s called is screen time - is it as bad as we believe?

So if you are  interested go to:


By Tiana Brown and Libby West

CGCPS news

Create Your Own Character Competition!

On Monday 28th, a create your own character competition will be revealed. The people organising this event are Meredith Marsh and India Lee. Bring 50p for a sheet and/or 50p for a wristband to join in on the fun! There will be a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place for each KS. The prizes will be given out in assembly on Friday 1st Feb (pinch punch first of the month) the prizes will be CHOCOLATES and SWEETS! This is all in aid of SWAN UK.


Children in Need

Last Friday (16th November), was a special day known as Children in Need. This spectacular day is created to raise money for ill children/teenagers, who have suffered terribly. They may not actually be ill, they may suffer from a loss that made them sad. The money we raise goes to the care homes and people who help these unfortunate youngsters.

Most of the British population watches the Children in Need show, that happens on the very night. It lasts a long time, so you may need to watch it the next morning. But, the show is there to tell everyone why they should call and donate.  You could have donated, £10, £20 or £30. The total raised was £50,595,093! That is a record-breaking amount. The overall total is still to be announced but is soon. Children in Need have two mascots: Pudsey and Blush! They have supported Children in Need for years! Pudsey was created in 1985. He soon became the Children in Need mascot. But Blush came soon after and became a ‘friend’ of Pudsey’s.



We had our own type of celebration for Children in Need; we wore crazy clothes and did activities in the afternoon. We also had a colouring competition. We had to colour Pudsey in the most creative way possible. The winner was Eloise Lockton with an amazing design. The winner was picked by School Council, who came up to announce the winner in Celebration Assembly. We raised £96.28 in school, but that was without Robin Class as they were on their school trip. Remember to keep raising for those who have been unlucky. By Amber Allison.

Dance at Corby Glen

Greenfinch class are doing a dance about the plague. We got put in groups first and we had to make a dance about the man that carried the cloth from London to Eyam. Then, we danced the rest of the story. Here are some of the results:

Plague Dance by Greenfinch Class

Still image for this video