Our Christmas Fair is on Wednesday 4th December from 5-7pm. Come along and join us!

Corby Glen Community Primary School


  Our curriculum intent is to:


  • inspire learning so that our pupils are well motivated and interested learners


  • enable our children to achieve their academic potential and to develop individual talent


  • nurture and support our children emotionally so that they become confident and determined young adults who have exciting and ambitious aspirations for their futures


  • enable our children to be articulate and be able to voice their opinions, thoughts and feelings


  • connect our children to their immediate community but also enable them to see themselves as part of a wider, more diverse, global community


  • enable our children to become socially responsible citizens whose actions reflect strong values including the school values of respect, partnership, equality and trust


  • enable parents/carers to take an active and purposeful role in their children’s learning