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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Friends of Corby Glen Primary School

Who are we?

Who are we? 1 Sarah Charlesworth
Who are we? 2 Stacey Temprell
Who are we? 3 Sarah Green
Who are we? 4 Lucy Brown

We are the Friends of Corby Glen Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We are a new small team of proactive parents, who are aiming to encourage closer links between home, school and the community, supported by Head Teacher Julia Waites and her staff.


· Sarah Green is Mum to William in Year 2 and Oliver in Year 6

· Stacey Temprell is mum to twins Freddy and Sonny in Year 2

· Sarah Charlesworth is mum to Francesca in Year 1

· Lucy Brown is mum to Gracie in Year 3 and Ellis in Year 4


As with many PTA organisations, although we are best known for our fundraising work,  we also play a useful social function too. As a new team we have put together an events calendar for the 2018/2019 School year. See some of our  2018 highlights below. Our fundraising events provide a great opportunity for parents, staff, pupils and the wider community to get together as well as funding key value initiatives agreed between parents and the school as priority. We plan to consult with the children and teachers to agree our fundraising goals going forward. The majority of our activities will then work towards this, but we will continue to support funding for school trips and other items. Our agreed priorities are to introduce us as a new team to all existing and new parents, teachers and pupils plus encourage wider community participation. We also look forward to continuing our rolling events calendar to fuel community engagement and fundraising.


If you would like to get involved at any of our events or if you have any fundraising suggestions please get in touch with any of us when you see us at school, or alternatively by text or phone on 07958 171898 or by email

Please take a look at our Facebook page and follow our events and activities.