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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Who's Who


Teachers 1 Mrs Waites NPQH (Headteacher)
Teachers 2 Mrs Whadcock (SENCO and Y2/Y3 Teacher)
Teachers 3 Miss Marshall (English Leader and Y6 Teacher)
Teachers 4 Mrs Anderson (Y4/Y5 Teacher)
Teachers 5 Mr Johnston (Maths Leader and Y3/Y4 teacher)
Teachers 6 Mrs Broomhead (EYFS Leader and R/Y1 teacher)
Teachers 7 Mrs Giblin (Phonics Leader and R/Y1 Leader)

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Smith (Robin Class)
Teaching Assistants 2 Majella Imlach (KS2, SEN support and ELSA)
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs Galer (KS2)
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Shreeve (Goldcrest Class)
Teaching Assistants 5 Mr Knight (PE Apprentice)

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs Jackson (Administrator and Bursar)
Support Staff 2 Mr Boswell (Caretaker)
Support Staff 3 Majella Imlach (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Support Staff 4 Mrs Knight (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Support Staff 5 Mr Warren (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Support Staff 6 Mrs Warren (Lunchtime Supervisor)