We are a 'good' school rated by Ofsted Oct 2021!

Corby Glen Community Primary School

Collective worship

Purpose of our school assemblies at Corby Glen Community Primary School

School assemblies allow our children to learn about the whole school community, develop their values, and allow them to contribute, grow and develop into a valuable member of society and the outlying community. Our assemblies support our children to learn about what their school stands for and explore and reflect about global issues finding out about the world around us and developing life skills for the future.


1. The Power to Unify

Our assemblies will ignite the school spirit, instil a sense of belonging, and motivate our children towards making the best of the opportunities the school has to offer. modelling our school values.


2. Build Interest in Extra Curricular Activities and learn from our visitors

The school assembly provides opportunities to promote enrichment beyond our school curriculum encouraging the children to participate in new experiences and provide aspirations for jobs for the future.


3. Develop Core Values

Children have the opportunity to understand our school values in everyday life and also learn about other significant values such as equality, diversity, accountability, leadership and responsibility. This understanding contributes not only to develop our children as local citizens within our community but prepares our children as global citizens of the future.


4. Opportunities to understand and reflect

Children will learn about the importance of those whose cultural and personal identity and background may be one from outside children’s immediate community. These assemblies will provide opportunities for children to reflect on their own identities, and what it means to be part of the wider British community and the world at large, through promotion of our fundamental values and celebration of those that model them.


5. Build Confidence and self esteem

School assemblies provide the opportunity for children to develop their confidence by speaking up and sharing their ideas, including opportunities to lead assemblies and participate in performances.