We are a 'good' school rated by Ofsted Oct 2021!

Corby Glen Community Primary School


We hope you can find the answers to any questions you have below but if not feel free to contact us!


Q | What sports do you have for the children? Are they for girls as well as boys? 
A | Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate in sports we offer. PE is usually 2 times a week and there is also a range of after school sports as well as swimming sessions.

Q | What after school clubs are available and for what ages? 
A | There is a wide range of clubs available. Please look in the 'extra-curricular' section of the web site under 'About'.

Q | What happens at lunchtime, where do the children eat, are there cooked lunches, how are the children supervised at lunchtime? 
A | Lunch may be provided by you or, a hot cooked meal can be ordered. Children eat in the hall or classrooms and are fully supervised during their lunch break.

Q | Who do we contact if we have a problem? 
A | In the first instance you should contact your class teacher but please be aware that the Headteacher is always available if necessary.

Q | Is it easy to see a teacher? 
A | For general queries teachers are out in the playground at 8:50 for a small chat or are available after school when you collect your child. If you require a confidential discussion then please arrange an appointment to speak.

Q | What sort of uniform is required and from where is it obtainable?
A | Information about the uniform can be found under the 'Parent Information' tab of the website.

Q | Do you have any individual music lessons available to pupils? 
A | Music lessons are offered as an after school club and are available to any child wishing to participate. Individual tuition is available due in school hours through the Local Authority Music Service.

Q | What educational visits do the children take part in and are there any residential visits?
A | In the early years trips tend to be closer to home but as our children grow older trips further a field occur. Children in years 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to experience a week long residential visit.

Q | What is the class size? Are there teaching assistants for each class? 
A | The classes range in size. There is good teaching assistant support across the school. Most classes consist of 2 year groups with each child learning to their individual ability.

Q | Are the children given homework on a regular basis? 
A | Our youngest children take home activities such as word cards, sound books and number games. The older children progress at the appropriate level and homework will involve spelling, literacy and numeracy. By Year 6 children will generally have daily homework to prepare them for the transition to secondary school.

Q | How strong is the discipline within the school – is there a policy to maintain good behaviour? 
A | Ofsted says 'the behaviour and safety of children is outstanding'. We foster a calm working atmosphere that ensures your child is able to achieve their best. The behaviour policy can be viewed in the 'policies' section of the website under 'About'.