We are a 'good' school rated by Ofsted Oct 2021!

Corby Glen Community Primary School

Sustainable Citizens

Community litter picking.

Brambling class took part in a sustainable virtual workshop this inspired them to plan a community litter picking session.

They were shocked by some of the litter left in their community and also the amount of cigarette ends left near the school and around the park. Brambling class felt very passionate about continuing this work and plan to now litter pick once a month to share their findings with the community.

They hope this work will encourage members the community not to litter and make everyone aware of the damaging effects in is having on our environment and animals.

Big Garden Birdwatch 2022

Well done William who took part in this weekends 'Big Garden birdwatch'.

William went to Rutland water Nature reserve to do some bird watching. It’s one of his favourite places as he loves going to see the ospreys when they are back. He saw blue tits, great tits, house sparrows, blackbirds all on the RSPB bird watch list but also saw mallards, wigieon, herons and swans.

William also completed the bird watch at home and saw sparrows and pigeons.

Well done William for contributing to this research. Mrs Willcock also took part but only managed to see sparrows and pigeons whilst watching a football game on a very windy Saturday morning.

Send us you pictures if you also managed to take part.