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Corby Glen Community Primary School

'What Parents Need to Know About...'

Online safety awareness is crucial for keeping children safe. In an ever evolving world of technology, it can be easy for technology to pose potential dangers to children's welfare. Some online dangers should be avoided completely, but the crux of online safety is to aid children in navigating the online world safely and with an awareness of the issues it may present. 


Of course, children need help and guidance with this. Therefore, below are parent information guides produced my 'National Online Safety'. These guides cover a range of topics, to inform parents about what their child may be accessing, what dangers it may pose and how to support their child in navigating around these. This page will be regularly updated as and when new guides are produced.


The guides themselves are listed in alphabetical order for ease of navigation. However, you can also use the search function (ctrl + f) to type in a particular game, platform or danger your are looking for.