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Parent workshops

 These are some useful links for parents from LSCP.
Our YouTube channel which contains brief videos parents can engage in around parental controls, game ratings, grooming etc. This can be accessed through the following link:

Our most recent online safety parental live stream can be accessed here:

Dan’s Big Fat Online Safety Quiz 7th February 6-7pm

Safer Internet Day 2023 the theme is Want to talk about it? Making space for conversation about life online. We want children to know the struggles as adults that we had at their age? Did you own a nokia 3310? Master of snake? Was the first social media platform you used Friend’s re-united or MSN Messenger? Equally let your children teach you about the latest apps, games and tiktok trends….

As part of Safer Internet Day 2023 we are having a Virtual quiz over TEAMs. We want Parents/Carers and their children to join forces. Form the ultimate team and prove that you are the most knowledgeable family in LINCOLNSHIRE. You will be tested on the latest apps and games and perhaps some old school technology! To book on click the link.

Many parents worry about what their children are doing online, yet very few know of the real dangers.

This training is aimed at those caring for / supporting neurodiverse teenage males.This live session is approximately 2 hours 30-minuites in duration, hard hitting and will:

  • raise your awareness to the good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet and what children are doing online.
  • highlight the real dangers children are unknowingly at risk of when they’re using the Internet, social media, gaming and more.
  • help you gain an understanding of perpetrators and the models used for online grooming, to include sexting, CSE, gangs, fake news, radicalisation and bullying.
  • help you understand Prevent, identify when a young person is being radicalised, or likely to be through online activity and how it can assist directly in an appropriate way to keep people and communities safe from the threat of terrorism

[Lincolnshire city council]- parents and carer’s webinar | Skips Safety Net (

A Date with Dan: Keeping Children and Young People safe Online

Online safety can be a bit of a minefield and many of us have lots of questions on how we can not only keep our children safe but also let them enjoy the benefits the online world brings. After our live streamed event earlier this year, many parents and carers asked for the opportunity to ask us some questions. Join our resident Online Safety Officer, Dan Hawbrook, on the 25th November 2021 for a special Question and Answer session for parents and carers which will cover whatever YOU want to know – whether it's game ratings, parental controls, bullying or strangers – we will let you ask us those burning questions.

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Online safety - Parent workshop

Join Online Safety Officer, Dan Hawbrook, on the 18th May 2022 for a Q&A session for parents and carers which will cover whatever YOU want to know – whether it's game ratings, parental controls, bullying or strangers.

Parent Protect Resources

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has produced some fantastic, bitesize, information clips and resources for parents around protecting children and young people from harmful sexual behaviour both online and offline. Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem affecting more than a million children under the age of 16 in the UK. All available evidence indicates that the risk to children has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents can learn from short films telling them what they need to know about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it, including spotting the signs and online safety.