We are a 'good' school rated by Ofsted Oct 2021!

Corby Glen Community Primary School



At Corby Glen Community Primary School we have designed our English curriculum with the intent that all children, regardless of background, will become fluent, insightful readers and technically skilled, creative writers with a love of reading and writing that we hope will stay with them for life. 

We strive for a high level of English for all through using ranging fiction and non-fiction genres involving high-quality texts, immersing children in vocabulary-rich learning environments and exposing children to a creative and continuous English curriculum. We understand that a good grasp of English is the bedrock of the entire curriculum and that children who are confident and adept readers and writers will be empowered to succeed in all other areas. We understand, too, the vital role played by parents and carers in the development of reading and writing and in the nurturing of positive habits, particularly in attitudes towards reading. We welcome this and value their contribution.


We will deliver an English Curriculum that:


  • Develops in all children a love of reading, writing and the dramatic arts.
  • Nurtures in all children the ability to express themselves clearly – verbally and in writing; to develop their word choice when speaking and to encourage accurate grammar when speaking in order to aid self-expression.
  • Allows children to comprehend and critique what they read, and to write creatively and accurately regardless of genre or topic.
  • Encourages children to be reflective, motivated and resilient learners.
  • Offers a rich variety of experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.


  • We will, from EYFS to Y6, develop children’s vocabulary, allowing them to comprehend others and to express themselves clearly and poetically.
  • We will provide a curriculum that values the dramatic arts as a means of developing confidence and the ability to express oneself with confidence. 
  • We will develop children’s grammar so that they have a good understanding of the mechanics of spoken and written English. Our aim is that this will allow them to comprehend and write clearly and accurately regardless of genre, reflecting the intended audience and purpose.
  • Phonics will be taught to all children in EYFS to Year 2 until Christmas, and continue to be taught through intervention as an effective way of continuing to support the development of those children who have been impacted by the pandemic’s reading and spelling skills. Sight-recognition of words will complement the teaching of phonics.
  • The teaching of spelling will be taught across the school in a progressive way, allowing children to learn spelling rules, exceptions and irregular spellings.
  • The teaching of handwriting will be taught using Letter Join to develop legibility and to encourage all children to take pride in the presentation of their work, regardless of discipline.
  • Children will be given the opportunity to read and write a variety of genres: different fictional styles, poetry, non-fiction. They will learn to adopt the appropriate tone and ‘voice’ for each genre.
  • Children will be encouraged to reflect upon their writing; edit and improve.
  • When reading, children will be taught to read with fluency and feeling. The curriculum will develop their ability to comprehend and critique different texts.