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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Physical Education

Our Principles

  • We ensure that all pupils receive at least 2 hours of quality Physical Education teaching and learning each week.

  • We ensure provision is made for pupils to access sports coaching within and beyond the school day over the course of the academic year.

  • We actively encourage participation by pupils in a competitive sporting environment.

  • We hold Healthy School status and abide by these principles.

  • We are committed to supporting all pupils and families in pursuit of living and maintaining a healthy life style.


PE Curriculum

At Corby Glen we deliver an engaging and broad PE curriculum linked to the National Curriculum objectives. There is clear progression in attaining and applying key skills in a wide range of sports and activities. All children in KS2 receive swimming lessons at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre. Years five and six swim for the first half of the year; years three and four for the second half. To enhance the depth and mastery of the fundamental skills in PE, we also use the 'Real PE' scheme. This ensures children have the necessary skills to actively partake and succeed across the PE curriculum.

We also work alongside the sports charity Inspire+. Using the governments Sports Premium grant, we are able to buy into the specialist coaches, staff training and resources that Inspire+ provide. This ensures staff receive high-quality PE training which enables them to deliver an excellent PE curriculum. 

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