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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Corby Glen Community Speed Watch

Corby Glen Community Speed Watch

Corby Glen Community Speed Watch are looking to recruit more volunteers. Our aim is to raise awareness of those driving through the village that we care about the safety of our community and wish for those driving to observe the speed limit while on the A151 -a road that many children in the community cross to get to and from school and the secondary school bus. While those caught are not fined, (they do receive warning letters and multiple offenses are escalated) there is a lot of evidence that it does raise awareness and have an overall positive effect.  If you, or anyone you know, can spare an hour or two a month and would like to support this cause, please contact Tracey Lamming or whats app Katy Andrew 07989851566

All that it takes is a simple two hour online training session. And all speed watches involve three people.

 The more volunteers we have the more we can spread the load and catch more people. And with the new developments being built, that road will only be getting busier!