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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Dan’s Big Fat Online Safety Quiz 7th February 6-7pm

Dan’s Big Fat Online Safety Quiz 7th February 6-7pm


Safer Internet Day 2023 the theme is Want to talk about it? Making space for conversation about life online. We want children to know the struggles as adults that we had at their age? Did you own a nokia 3310? Master of snake? Was the first social media platform you used Friend’s re-united or MSN Messenger? Equally let your children teach you about the latest apps, games and tiktok trends….

As part of Safer Internet Day 2023 we are having a Virtual quiz over TEAMs. We want Parents/Carers and their children to join forces. Form the ultimate team and prove that you are the most knowledgeable family in LINCOLNSHIRE. You will be tested on the latest apps and games and perhaps some old school technology! To book on click the link.