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Corby Glen Community Primary School

Lost Words Assembly

This week we were presented with a beautiful book in assembly. This is part of a wider project to celebrate 'Lost Words'. The children listened to and read some of the poetry in the assembly and talked about some of the lost nature words hidden in the book. .


The Lost Words, by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, highlights through acrostic verse and stunning illustrations, twenty once-common nature words, like acorn, conker, otter & bluebell, that have been taken out of the Oxford Junior Dictionary. Robert Macfarlane, fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, along with many others, is greatly concerned at the loss of vocabulary and a disconnect with the natural world.


This book seeks to inspire children through ‘spell verse’ - to be spoken aloud - allowing them to conjure back these missing words.


Inspired by other campaigns in the UK, the duo joined forces with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT) to make the campaign a success in Lincolnshire.

Alongside the book, we were also given a teacher’s guide filled with ideas for lesson plans, that complements the National Curriculum.

Full details on the campaign can be found on this website: