We are a 'good' school rated by Ofsted Oct 2021!

Corby Glen Community Primary School

Partake Theatre group

On 15th March, Brambling  were visited by Partake History for an immersive day learning all about Ancient Egypt. They began by using their 5 senses to explore a range of spices the Ancient Egyptians would have used, and had to deduce whether they would have been for eating, perfume or in the mummification process. They then moved on exploring the hierarchical system of the Ancient Egyptians, from Pharaoh to slaves and everyone in between. This was followed by delving deep into mummification. The children were able to handle a range of artefacts; including statues, amulets and Canopic jars, that would all have been used in the mummification process. We then learnt how to tell the difference between royalty and the unskilled workers as one lucky pupil was fully made up as an Egyptian princess. During the afternoon, the children were full dressed up to take part in a dramatic re-enactment of an Egyptian funeral ceremony, from death and procession, to mummification and burial. It was a terrific day and the children were buzzing with ideas and questions to take their learning even deeper in the future.


In Robin class we retold the great Fire of London story- acting out how the fire spread, the decisions made by King Charles and how team work and the change in weather saved the city from complete destruction